• Is there any facility to send cheque requisition / stock statements / any
communication to Bank with free of cost.

Bank provided Business Envelope Facility to all its accounts holders (deposits and
Loans) . Under this facility you have to collect Business Envelopes according to your
need and you can simply post, the postage will be borne by the Bank.

• What are the clearing timings, for collection of cheque it took 3 days and some times
2 days. Why.
We are tied up with Kotak Mahindra Bank for Clearing arrangements. If you handover
the cheque before 11.45 PM, the cheque will be sent on the same day for collection.
If you handover the cheque after 11.45 PM the cheque can be sent only the next day.
We accept cheques till the closing hours of the Bank. In case of Saturdays the time is
11.15 AM

• What is % of margin to avail loan on fixed deposits, and what about interest accrued.

One can avail loan against fixed deposits upto 90 % of the face value. However
in case of need for higher amount, accrued interest will be calculated for the
period run and 90 % on the interest can also be finan